Frequently asked questions

What are the fees associated with your service?

We get it! Everyone's first question is "how much does it cost?" For our billing service we charge a percentage of monthly collections based upon practice volume. We also charge a one-time implementation fee for all new billing accounts which allows us to establish existing accounts, processes, etc. and a minimal set monthly technology fee to cover EDI submission fees and software which we provide to our clients. A quote will be provided in advance for all consultation and billing work.

Do you provide services on a case-by-case basis?

Sure we do! We currently consult on audit responses and all levels of claim appeals. We will provide an initial case review where we will review a claim and provide guidance and/or an action plan. We can do this for an individual claim or up through a full-scale audit and prepare all claims for audits/appeal processes as needed. Contact us for pricing.

Do you provide training and development?

We can provide phone, video-conferencing, and on-site training. Consultation and travel charges apply, when applicable. Contact us to learn more.

Do my payments go to your company when you handle the billing?

No, you still receive your payments and handle your money. You still maintain control. You will forward us the EOB's upon receipt for posting. We never handle your funds.

Is my patient's information secure?

Yes! We take great measure to ensure security. The software that we use is HIPAA compliant. We are a paperless office and when we do print all paper is disposed of using a medical shredding service. We communicate using secure email and have dedicated fax lines and dedicated voicemails. Rest assure that we work hard to ensure the security of your patient's protected health information.

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