Our Expertise

We are a full-service billing and collection service providing initial insurance verification through final payment posting including any denial management or appeals necessary.  On a consultation basis we also provide review and assistance with claim appeals and provider education.  Contact us today to find out how we can help your practice maximize efficiency!
Insurance Verifications

Detailed insurance verifications are completed following initial evaluation and prior to delivery of services. 

Prior Authorization

Obtain all necessary prior authorizations and review for accuracy.

Coding & Documentation Review

Review all coding and medical documentation prior to claim submission.

Claim Submission

Electronic submission of claims when payer availability permits to ensure prompt claim handling and payment.


Provider Education
Accounts Receivables/Collections

Prompt and detailed claim follow-up practices to ensure timely claim payment.  EDI reports received daily to quickly identify claim errors early and promptly handle resubmissions.  Following confirmation of claim receipt, all claims are followed up routinely every 15 calendar days until proper payment is received and posted.  

Claim Appeals

Claim appeals with a proven record for success!  Experienced with all levels of Medicare appeals including Medicare ALJ and Appeals Board.


Provider education on documentation requirements included for billing clients.  Web-based provider education on documentation and billing compliance available on a consultation basis.


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