Our Advantage


Experienced O&P billers with a reputation for excellence in collections and client service! .  We work hard for you. 


We free you up to do what you enjoy...taking care of your clients.  You don't have to worry with collections.  That's why we're here!  We're on your team to ensure that you have the time to do what you got into business to do, take care of people.  Our processes ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.  We follow-up on claims with the greatest frequency to ensure timely payment.


We adhere to the highest compliance standards.  Our software is HIPAA compliant, we use dedicated fax lines and secure email.  All printed documents are disposed of using a medical shredding service to ensure that documents are appropriately and securely discarded.  


Reduced costs and improved collections mean greater profits for your business.  

Smart Costs

You pay a percentage of collections, not billed charges, not a flat fee, meaning that if you don't get paid, we don't get paid.  If you have a slow month, your costs are correlatively less.  Those are smart costs with value.    

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