A new therapeutic shoe insert... K0903

In MLN Matters M10436 CMS announced the addition of a new type of therapeutic shoe insert for individuals with diabetes, code K0903. This code allows therapeutic shoe inserts that are fabricated with direct carving using CAD-CAM or similar and without the creation of a physical positive model, as a custom fabricated therapeutic shoe insert manufacturing technique. This code has an effective date of April 1, 2018. Providers are reminded that the As with A5512 and A5513, the KX is necessary to signify that all coverage criteria has been satisfied.

K0903: For diabetics only, multiple density insert, made by direct carving with CAM technology from a rectified CAD model created from a digitized scan of the patient, total contact with patient's foot, including arch, base layer minimum of 3/16 inch material of shore a 35 durometer or higher), includes arch filler and other shaping material, custom fabricated, each.

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